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AS SSD Benchmark 1.8.5636

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AS SSD Benchmark 1.8.5636

AS SSD Benchmark Review:

 If you are using computers to carry out office work, then fast transfer of data is very important. If this is the case, then you will have to test your disk drive for errors regularly in order to prevent any work hassles. AS SSD benchmark for Windows is the perfect tool to install in your system to carry out quality performance test on Solid State Drives (SSD) in your computers.

 What The Software Offers? 

 This software for Windows will allow you to carry out a series of benchmark tests as and when you like to measure the performance of the drives in your computer. The tool will perform benchmark tests on the SSD drive to find out the read/write performance of the drive. This will help you in knowing if the drives in your system are working fine. The AS SSD Benchmark software uses the compression and copy tests to determine the read/write performance of the SSD.  

 Tests It Does

 - The SEQ test will help to find out the time that the drive takes to read and write a 1GB file.
 - The 4K test will give you a clear picture of the read and the write speed of the Solid State Drive at random 4K blocks. 
 - The 4K-64thrd brings to the fore the performance speed of the drive at 64 threads.

 All the results are displayed in megabytes per second or even as iops which is Input/Output Operations per second. With this tool, you will also get to know the access time of the SSD and this will help in knowing the time taken to read the entire data of the SSD.   

 Great Read And Write Measuring Tool

 Your SSD device will get scores for the read and the write speed depending on the test that you conduct on the drive. You will also be shown the global score in order to evaluate the performance of your drive. The higher score means that your SSD is performing at its best. The software also offers you the option to carry out copy and compression benchmark tests to know more clearly what the SSD can do. The Copy Benchmark test is a unique test that will create new test folders for large files, small files and games and will also measure the overall write and read speeds. The compression benchmark test will be an indication of the SSD read and write speed power against data compressibility.   

 Anyone who uses a computer for office work and does a lot of data transfer through it must install the AS SSD Benchmark software in the computer to ensure that the drive is performing at is optimal best.

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